Want to Work On Your Goals With Ultimate Focus And Less Confusion?

If you’re like me, there are times when you feel doubtful and confused. And then there are other times where feel focused and energized- as you’re experiencing joy or happiness in whatever activity you’re doing. With this post, I’d like to address the topic of “confusion” versus clarity- or living according to your purpose.

Many of the goals we pursue in life end up being projects. Whether your goals involve your education, career, physical fitness, financial, or with your relationships, a big key is getting started.

To have a set plan to attack the problem is the only way to overcome confusion. Confusion occurs when you have no dealt with the problem directly. Its only when you face it straight on, then you will know the answer.

It’s time to get down to the raw, honest, and real-deal nitty-gritty on this topic. I got with quite a few passionate people interested in sharing their ideas with you and this article is an interview-style approach to helping you regain control of your time.

Topic at Hand: Overcome Feelings Of Confusion When Working On Goals

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[‘R’ is me (Richard N. Stephenson) and ‘I’ in the interviewee]

R: What’s so special about this topic anyway?

I: Understand first why you are working on a particular goal. That will give you a better understanding and provide you with some sense of purpose and reason. Then work on the task slowly and research it to learn and provide insight.

R: How do you think this could change someone’s life?

I: The biggest benefit is learning new ways solve the problem. As long as every feelings of confusion scenario is different, it opens the person up to new problem solving techniques. It also give the person a more vast wealth of experiences to use in other situations.

R: Describe what’s so special about this topic in how it helps folks live life better.

I: Often, when working toward a goal it’s easy to become confused by extenuating details and lose track of the big picture. If you can learn to differentiate what is a detail and how important that detail is to the overall goal, you will be more likely to achieve the goal in the manner that you intend to.

A good way to clear your mind and reduce confusion in this kind of situation is to ask yourself how important the detail will be in a relatively long time. For instance, if I wanted to pass an exam, but felt it was impossible to get a high score, I would ask myself how much it would matter in 5 years, and then see that my goal is actually to pass a course or gain some piece of information, and proceed accordingly.

R: Describe the perfect person to be the poster-child for this topic.

I: A person that that takes one step at a time. This person is able to clearly map out each step required to achieve that goal. This person is able to realize that goals take time, effort, and planning to be reached, knows goals aren’t accomplished overnight.

R: Describe who least exemplifies the core meaning of this topic to you.

I: In a word, Middle schoolers. People in middle school are just not yet ready to to overcome feelings of confusion when working on goals. This age cohort is still learning what feelings are, and who they are as human beings. A middle schooler who has goals has really accomplished something, it is expected they’ll feel confused.

R: Give us an example of what you do to make this topic a part of your daily duties.

I: When a person has been presented assignments to reach goals, and they do not understand what they should do, they should seek this topic. It will help them to learn what they need to do, instead of saying nothing and wasting time. This will help get the goal achieved faster as well.

R: How would you describe the best time to make this topic part of your life?

I: A person’s personal growth and goals should be focused on early in a career. It is best to get a clear direction on career goals as soon as possible. In fact, children can be taught how to make goals and consider their own personal growth.

R: Give me an example of a bad time to dive deeper into this subject, please.

I: When a person is facing adversity and struggling to keep their head above water would be a bad time to bring up this topic. Also, when someone is struggling to complete their goals don’t ask about their feelings of confusion. Wait until the goal has been reached and then let the person look back, reflect upon, and answer honestly.

R: In a few short sentences, tell us where people could get some good use out of this topic.

I: A difficult situation is good for testing ones resolve in regards to completing a goal. Also, looking at oneâÂ?Â?s ability to read and follow directions should be a big indicator of who and who doesn’t get confused. Finally, working under pressure can add to confusion so testing how one works under pressure should be a good indicator.

R: Where is a really bad place to start working on this topic?

I: When the person really just doesn’t understand the topic. This could happen; sometimes people will just never understand something. In this case, it’s time to assess if they are the right person to have working towards the goal.

R: Describe the type of person who will get the most out of this?

I: A student who is trying to find a way to formulate their master’s thesis. Someone who is trying to pursue a higher paying job. An organization that is run by an incompetent CEO and is trying to raise profits.

R: Got any advice for us on this topic? The readers are hungry!

I: If someone wanted to learn how to overcome confusion while trying to meet their goals I’d tell them to break things into small steps. If they did that they’d feel less overwhelmed. They could complete each smaller step and get that much closer to the goal being completely met.

R: What would you say is something we should avoid at all costs when it comes to this topic?

I: People should not put too much emphasis on spelling out every detail in your goals. Keep your goal ideas short and sweet. Keeping your goals shorter will help you with attaining them, and making sure that you advance in your goals.

R: Tell us of an example of when we can use this topic in our lives?

I: We all feel some level of confusion when working on goals, we just need confidence to believe that we can actually achieve the goal. One thing that we can all do is to work on each piece of a goal rather than trying to attach the entire goal at once. None of us are exempt from the confusing feeling that arrive when we are forced with working through a goal.


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