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It really means staying in the Now. To be able to focus on changing situation, you will have to accept whatever the situation and be able to deal with it right away. When you things fall outside of your control and you refuse to accept the situation, that is when you lose focus.

When we are in a challenging situation, focus is key because it is the only way to get past it. Without focus, you will lose track of your goal. You will also be more likely to be permanently harmed in the situation.

It’s time to get down to the raw, honest, and real-deal nitty-gritty on this topic. I got with quite a few passionate people interested in sharing their ideas with you and this article is an interview-style approach to helping you regain control of your time.

Topic at Hand: Staying Focused In Changing Situations

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[‘R’ is me (Richard N. Stephenson) and ‘I’ in the interviewee]

R: How would the average person out there benefit from this topic?

I: You obtain a skill that is required/desired by most employers, allowing for easier employment if needed. You become more adaptable as a person since changing situations will not affect you as much. You will have a clearer frame of mind on reaching achievements in the situations you are placed in.

R: How’s this subject relevant to making or changing the lives of those around us?

I: Staying focused in changing situations can prevent a person from losing their ideals and values because of the influence of other people. Staying committed to one�s own values is important to self-worth, and staying focused is an important contributor to that effort. This is especially true in changing situations, when outside influences threaten one�s ability to remain steadfast in their views.

R: Please tell me about your own experience with this topic and how it helped someone be better.

I: When a fiance breaks things off with you, it is important to stay focused so the rest of your life isn’t affected. When you are having a bad day, but continue working in order to accomplish your daily work. When you are trying to succeed as an artist and there are moments when you have little money, or a lot of money, it’s important to stay focused.

R: Who out there is a good example of using this subject to the fullest?

I: People who are more easy going will be better able to focus even while situations change around them. They aren’t as hung up on routine and that means they don’t mind as much when it’s not kept to. They can go with the flow. This means less stress for them.

R: Think back to your past friends, coworkers, and family – is there anyone who could use help with this subject?

I: Changing situations can be difficult to focus on because we do not know what to expect. I think that any group and any person will be able to understand this topic, especially if it is broken down and used with examples. Those who would need that extra breakdown are people who have limited vocabularies and have never used the words in this question.

R: Think of your daily routine – how does this topic fit into the overall scheme of things?

I: Situations are always changing, and keeping a diary of your life can help. You can write out how you think and feel about changing situations. This will allow you to reflect on your life and prepare for changing situations.

R: When do you think the average person should start paying attention to this topic?

I: Its good to stay focused on what you are doing especially when starting a new position. A new environment and a new way of doing things take time to adapt to.

That being said, one should maintain their sharpest focus when getting acclimated to a new position or way of doing things. This will help to make the transition into the new environment less difficult and will help to gain support and trust from new colleagues.

R: Seems like there are good times and bad times to bring this one up. When’s a really BAD time, do you think?

I: ItâÂ?Â?s a bad idea to focus too much in changing situations when things are out of your own control. For example, if you are diagnosed with a major illness that your behavior can’t impact, it would be quite negative to focus on changes in treatment or symptoms too much. At some points in life, rather than maintain focus during change, it’s important to go with the flow.

R: Give us an example of a good place to bring this subject into daily life.

I: A less stressful environment in a busy world is the best way to stay focus. Freeing up your life and dropping stressful situations can help you achieve wanted outcomes and results. Find what is making you too busy and see if you can free that up to live a less stressful life.

R: There’s a time and a place for everything – what’s a place to NOT dive further into this topic?

I: A situation where one must remain focused on the changing situation/environment is that of emergency management. Someone responsible for managing emergency situations must remain focused on all the changes to prevent greater loss of life or property. Losing focus on the situation would result in a less desirable outcome.

R: What kind of person would benefit from looking into this subject further?

I: Life is constantly changing so we all need to understand change and be open to it. Change is inevitable how we handle change is what is important. In our lives we might find it valuable to be agents of change to help those understand the changes that are happening.

R: Can you give us any hints or tips for working this topic into our lives?

I: To stay focused in changing situations, a person needs to remind themselves of their ultimate goal. A good way to do this is to write down the goal. Another way would be to prioritize what the person wants to accomplish. The person needs to choose what is most important to them, and this makes it easier to stay focused when situations change.

R: Give me an idea of something people should avoid in learning more about this topic.

I: In today’s fast paced society it is tough to stay focused on a task for long periods of time. But one must prioritize and organize, which is my motto for focusing. When situations change you must stay adaptable to that situation. One thing to avoid is stagnation, so one must continually adapt.

R: What’s the very next step someone should take to learn more about this topic?

I: Change is inevitable, do not resist it. Welcome it and try to understand why the change is occurring and how it will benefit you. If you feel it will not benefit you then understand that it will happen anyways and work it slowly into your life. Ease it in so that it becomes normal and you forget how the situation was before the change occurred.


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