Bust Them Sucka’s! Get Your Goals Rolling Again And Start Winning

It means having the drive and motivation and sometimes financial resources to pursue your goals. For example, if you are lazy or don’t have the necessary skills, you can get unstuck by taking classes or learning things on your own. It is all about be self-motivated and working hard, even if that means working 2 jobs at once or 70 hour work weeks.

You have set a goal that feels authentic and inspirational. You have refined it down to your short-term SMART Goal so that your goal feels manageable. You are taking your weekly actions. And then something happens. You get stuck. This is extremely common!

If goal-achievement were merely a matter of setting the right goals, we would all get what we wanted all the time. Now we need one to go one step further and figure out the challenges that might be getting in the way of your accomplishing your big goal? This is a critical step to successful goal achievement and one that you need to master so that your goals do not get sabotaged by those obstacles!

It’s time to get down to the raw, honest, and real-deal nitty-gritty on this topic. I got with quite a few passionate people interested in sharing their ideas with you and this article is an interview-style approach to helping you regain control of your time.

Topic at Hand: Getting Your Goals Unstuck

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[‘R’ is me (Richard N. Stephenson) and ‘I’ in the interviewee]

R: How would the average person out there benefit from this topic?

I: Getting your goals unstuck will allow a person to work on other goals or to have later insight into the stuck goal. For example, if you have one goal, but can’t make any headway with it, you can work on another goal for a time. When you come back to the original goal, you might see it from a new perspective and be able to keep making progress toward the original goal.

R: How do you think this could change someone’s life?

I: It will show them how to achieve the goals they’ve always set out to do. It will allow them to become the person they’ve always wanted to be. By knowing how to keep at your goals and overcome obstacles you are enabling yourself to be successful. This enables them to relieve stress and become a happier person.

R: Tell me about your thoughts on how this helps folks be better in life?

I: It might help people understand what other people are going through. FOr example, if my friend is busy studying for an exam to be a doctor and he can’t do things like grocery shopping, I could volunteer to help him.

Or if someone is under financial trouble because they’re starting their own business, maybe helping them out with rent or something. It allows you to put things in perspective

R: At the end of the day, who would you pick to be the best at doing what matters most regarding this topic?

I: A college person may encounter goals that are too hard to take on. Sometimes they are overwhelmed with classes and graduation, and getting their goals unstuck can take time and patience. Best way is to see where you can drop something so that you can free up your life.

R: Tell me who in your personal experience is not up-to-speed on this subject at all.

I: A person who procrastinates will always fail. A procrastinator will find an excuse to not start on a project or stop a project. Procrastination will always destroy a goal.

R: Can you tell us what it’s like to have this subject in your life?

I: The best thing you can teach someone when it comes to this is how to break big, overwhelming tasks into smaller more manageable ones. This can often free up the mental block that keeps one from moving forward. In the alternative, a person may have just been working too hard and need a vacation.

R: When is a good time to bring this topic into your life?

I: When you are starting out your first career it is best to try and get your goals unstuck. You want to be the boss right away, but you need to set short-term goals and work towards them. Only then can you have your goals unstuck and move ahead with your life.

R: When’s just a really bad time to be working on this subject?

I: When a person has no goals set, this would be irrelevant in their life. People need to set goals in order to start working towards them. Not everyone sets goals in their life, they just live day by day.

R: Where in people’s daily lives do you think this topic would fit in nicely?

I: You can get your goals unstuck no matter what profession you are in. Even if you don’t like your present situation, you can make progress toward changing it. Keep moving forward with small steps.

R: This subject is not fit for use in every situation. Where should folks not use it?

I: If someone tried to get their goals unstuck and they were unsuccessful, this would cause a lot of problems. They would have to go back to square one and assess the problem. This may take a couple of times for them to perfect everything, and reach the goal.

R: In your opinion, who out there could use a little more help with this subject?

I: A person who is easily fixated on a goal or who will take too heavy a blow from failure should learn to get their goals unstuck. The easily fixated may, for instance, miss out on seeing other opportunities or be blinded about possible ways to achieve a goal if they too clearly imagine their method for achieving the goal.

A person who will take failure too hard should try to learn to unstick their goals if necessary and know that things will go on even if they fail to achieve the kind of goal they have in mind.

R: What would you tell the readers to do if they wanted to get help with this topic soon?

I: Not everything goes according to plan. It’s a fact of life. Once you accept that you will understand that it’s completely normal to be in a situation where you cannot achieve a goal.

Knowing this will relieve stress and allow you to push on. Try to understand why you are currently stuck, then fix the problem. Just know that everyone struggles with their goals, but they can still be completed successfully.

R: Give the readers an example of the biggest pitfall for this topic.

I: Avoid keeping your goals to yourself. If you tell others about your goals, you’ll be motivated to finish them. This helps you build a team of supporters.

R: This topic is broad and the readers will need some focus. Can you help guide them along with an example of what to do next?

I: Understanding any goal worth pursuing is going to be a challenge. When goals get stuck taking time to look at it from another angle can help. Trying to make sure you can actually accomplish the goal is also a good thing to take in consideration.


Come on now! Aren’t you fired up and ready to get more done in life? There’s at least one golden pearl of wisdom (or is that nugget of pearl?) to take away. See how you can apply it to your life today and start getting more stuff done. There’s just ain’t enough time to dilly-dally, folks!

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