3 Easy and Fun Conference Call Ice Breakers to Get You Going


Ahh the infamous hole in the table. So much for scratching my legs in peace.

Have you ever conducted or been a part of a conference call? If so, then have you ever heard about conference call icebreaker game sessions? Well, these games are an important tool that should be used before any conference call to get everyone relaxed and working well together. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people who do not notice the importance of this activity. This article will reveal some useful information about these icebreakers and their importance for the success of your next conference.

What’s the big deal, you may be asking? These conversational games make it easier for you to get to know the people that you need to communicate with in the meetings. It helps put everyone on a level ground and aides with overall effective communication. The things done during this type of teleconference activity could be anything that suits the group.

It all boils down to the fact that all that matters is that everyone is put at ease and is open to discussing whatever is at hand. Here are some facts on how it works and what types of icebreaker activities work best.

Why this Method Works

Icebreakers work because they offer a way for everyone involved to relax and get what they need from the meeting. If you are a manager or anyone that is trying to conduct a business meeting, then you should be aware of these tactics to make everyone feel open to discussion. It allows you to communicate the issue at hand easier because everyone is relaxed.

Studies show that relaxation offers a physiological change in the body and with that change comes greater interest in participation later. Even the most quiet of participants will chime in after participating in one of the following games.

The Games to Try

  • The Novelty Trivia Game
  • Paparazzi Challenge
  • Chaos

The Novelty Trivia Game

This icebreaker is all about fun. It is a trivia game, but the trivia should be very easy so the focus is on laughter and breaking the psychological barriers that sometimes exist. The teams are assigned either by purpose or by luck of the draw. Once the teams are assembled they are then instructed to work together in a five round trivia game. Points are won when they get the right answer. They are told that the goal is work together to find the answer and that everyone has a vote.

Paparazzi Challenge

This is a challenge-style game to find pictures or images of certain things. The team is assembled in the same manner as the other games. The goals are the same as well. The winning team is the one that comes back first with all of the required shots. When you consider the conference call situation, this can make a very creative way to show each person’s ability to find details that might normally be ignored. It also allows people to show how they are able to use technology in a creative way. In fact, you can add a little option of creativity with a webcam if the call is over web chat.

Chaos Game


A sea of green chairs. This is gonna take a while.

This is another energizer. Like the game of musical chairs, music is turned on, and everyone must touch three walls and say something to each member of the conference call before they check back in. This is a great icebreaker game that encourages breaking the personal barriers of those around you. Just be careful around the moving chairs, okay?

Try a Relaxing Game Soon

All of these choices are excellent. Together, they form a cohesive way to allow everyone to relax as they become better acquainted to work as a team. It is fun and should be a wonderful way to makes positive things happen so the people involved can work well together. These conference call icebreakers are not the only ones that you can use for this purpose. Any game (or tools) that allows teamwork and confidence building as a team will work well to help any conference be more effective.


  1. Tim says

    I have never thought of a conference call as an opportunity for an ice breaker or some sort of conference energisers. That’s a really great idea and something that I am going to have start developing within our own team… especially the novelty trivia game. Who doesn’t like trivia?

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