Research & Validity of the Jung 16 Type Personality Test


The Jungian 16 Type Personality Test is designed to measure how you like to look at the world and how you like to make decisions. This test will also give you the leg-up on figuring out what it is that others want in their lives, too.

How Reliable is the Jung 16 Type Personality Test?

carl-gustov-jung-psychological-types-1921Trait based personality assessments that rely primarily on S-Data (self-sourced) are considered useful to the extent that they satisfy this statement: “An instrument is said to be valid when it measures what it has been designed to measure (Ghiselli, Campbell, & Zedeck, 1981; Murphy & Davidshofer, 2005).”

Therefore these types of tests, if well designed, are as useful as the user wants them to be. These statements apply to the all well-designed personality tests. All this means is you should take the test honestly and you should exercise good judgment when evaluating your results.

As a little history lesson, there are other very well-known type tests out there that used the research of Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers to achieve great results. Those assessments devised their theories from Carl Jung’s work in his book Psychological Types (1921). A fine combination of great research, testing, and theorizing to create great tools.

Sounds Pretty Simple, Right?

This test was researched, designed, and made to achieve results that determine your Jungian type, but not strictly based on previous methods or work.

The point is this. The Jungian 16 Type Personality Test does offer you results that will give you your Jungian type that you can apply to your life today. The results will give you an idea of your general preferences in dealing with the world, typical careers for your particular type, words and traits that match your type, and some information on potential areas of personal development.

Results from 12,388 test-takers on show close similarity to statistics seen at the CAPT (Center for Applications of Psychological Type). A good indicator of accurate and reliable data. Here’s the CAPT graph:


Clarification on this Test’s Origins

The Jungian 16 Type Personality Test offers you your Jungian type and many tips you can apply to your life today. Here’s how the results give you ideas on your growth:

  • Greater accuracy than other Jungian Type-style tests on the web
  • Explore tips on your biggest opportunities for growth
  • See what famous people share your type
  • Learn your important character type traits
  • Know key words that are essential for your type
  • Discover your potential careers and interests

Some Resources Used to Design this Test

brain-based-learning-eric-jensen-book-coverThe following is a short bibliography of some of the resources I used to design the Jungian 16 Type Personality Test. I highly recommend the books listed for anyone interested in personality psychology and personal development. They aren’t the most gripping and action packed books, but they’re good.

  • Funder, David C. The Personality Puzzle (4th Ed). New York: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 2007
  • Jensen, Eric. Brain Based Learning. Thousand Oaks: Corwin Press, 2000
  • Jung, Carl G. Psychological Types. 1921. Translated by H. Godwyn Baynes (1923)
  • Keirsey, David and Bates, Marilyn. Please Understand Me. Del Mar: Gnosology Books Ltd., 1984
  • Maltz, Maxwell. Psycho-Cybernetics. New York: Pocket Books, 1960

The Jung 16 Types Personality Test and You

Do you want to use this personal development tool to further discover your personality? I use it, had a great time making it, and hope it will help many more people to come. It’s time to grow you and grow this world to the next level.

If you’re interested in taking the Jung 16 Type Personality Test, please click here.

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