Test Your Self Motivation (Free): Discover How to Motivate Yourself

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With the right motivators in mind – you can fly to new heights!

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I finally finished up the the “Self Motivation Quiz” and I think you’ll get a lot of good use out of it.

The quiz is all about finding out what makes you tick. What pulls you toward the things you are going for – those Top 3 things that make you self-motivated.

The more you align yourself with what makes you tick, the more you’ll be magnetized to get there. You are motivated in a very specific way and you might not realize that. Your neighbors may get a kick out of being the “Joneses” while that guy at work gets his kicks off being a slave-driver.

There are 9 main personal motivators that pull you toward your goals, keep you running along even at your darkest hour, and provide the energy inside to stay aligned. This test is a good way to figure out what works with family at home, colleagues at school, work staff or employees, and with friends.

How the Results Will Solve Your Problems!

After you’re done with the simple 45 questions, you’ll be given your Top 3 motivators.  Along with those top self-motivators, you’ll be given 5 tips and hints (for each motivator… so 15 total) on how to align your life with those motivational ideals.

Don’t look at your Top 3 Motivators as “not making sense” or “not fitting together.”  If you can make them all work together, then all the better!  But, the main point in getting your Top 3 is so that you have a *range* of your highest motivators to use for everything you do.  No point being stuck with just one option.

And remember – there are NO wrong answers!

Pick one, make it work for what you do, stick with it, build the habit, and begin to notice how much your motivation increases!

Take the Self-Motivation Quiz and start doing things because you WANT to.

Please share this potentially life-changing tool with those you care for.

Also, if you’d like to use this test in your group, team, or seminar setting, please feel free to do so. There are some really great team-related insights to gain from finding the internal motivators on everyone who’s willing to give it a go.

If you’d like a print version of the test instead for a real live, no computer training-type setting, then please email via the contact form above. I would love to help make this happen for you and your team. Thank you for your interest in growing the people you work with.

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