Using Your Strengths and Weaknesses as Crisis Tools

strength-and-weakness-change-crisis-self-help-richardstepIf there is one thing for certain, it is that we are all going to be hit with a crisis or two, or even several, during our lifetime.

However, it is during these many times stressful moments that we discover our innate strengths and weakness. Essentially, many of the crisis situations in life are precipitated by a person’s inability to change their mentality and go through adverse circumstances when confronted by them. However, “things change” and so can people.

I’m hoping this article will strive to help you see that no matter what confronts them, “stuff happens” in life; however, there is a way out. Many strategies can be put in place to help you go on, eventually succeeding and triumphing during a crisis.

Realize That Life Is Mostly Made Up of Worse-Case Scenarios

As said before, isn’t it strange when you’re hit by a crisis of some sort? This is part of life. You are not the exception. No one is really picking on you; eventually, you can come through as a victor.

Take Inventory of What Has Taken Place

What happened and was it avoidable by yourself? If not, explore the options that you can take to correct the circumstance. However, take your time and don’t try to run through the obstacle at the drop of a hat. Was it a health issue? If it was, most health issues can be either prevented and/or treated and a person be restored to good health.

Make A List of Your Resources

Take stock of your family or friends: those who have been there before. Try eliminating those who tend to be negative or find fault with everything you do. Be cognizant of both your inner strengths and weakness. God has placed both of these traits in all of us and it will serve you well to be familiar with both of them through life.

Swallow your pride and determine to ask for help: from co-workers, acquaintances and friends. Also, consider such people as a spiritual adviser, a school teacher and/or even a counselor of sorts.

Issues such as graduating from high school and not knowing how to choose a career, or considering a move to another geographical location can be very stress-inducing. But once again, realizing that millions of people change careers or move several times over during a lifetime may help give you a better perspective of yourself.

Take Time To Get Alone With Yourself

Most people can get “light” in their darkness to know what their next step is when they make time to get alone by themselves. Go off to a secluded place. Cut off all distractions. Turn off the cell phone and your PC. Make it your number one priority to know which is the way you need to go.

Sometimes The Way Out Is One Step At A Time

There is an old Southern Gospel hymn entitled, “One Day At A Time.” Many times, regardless of your religious affiliation or lack of it, this is the only way you are going to come out of your pit – one day at a time.

As you take one step, the inner strength within you will show you the next step. That inner power in you, innately built in all of us by God, will use His Will to light the darkness until you can see the end of the proverbial tunnel.

Perhaps many good things can come out of a crisis, but among the best is knowing your strengths and weaknesses so you’ll be prepared to pick your next battle in life. Click here to find out yours.

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