Help! My Boss Refuses to Use My Strengths to Succeed

business-man-sos-white-flag-new-career-richardstepMany people spend part of their day at work by wishing they were working somewhere else or had a better job. Maybe you just desire a new boss who will be more appreciative of the work you do. If you think “I Need a New Job” while at your job then you need to figure out how to make the changes necessary.

One of the major problems that people face when they begin looking for a new job is how to properly illustrate their strengths on their resume so that they can open up new avenues for potentially getting a better job or position.

Oftentimes you may find that if you attack the situation differently you will get better results.

Internal Hiring

One of the best ways to get a new job is to continue working for the same company. You have already proved to the company that you are a hard worker and will be there each day. This is the hardest thing to prove to potential employers and fortunately (hopefully) you have been a great employee.

Now that you have proven yourself as a long-term employee who is loyal and will not call in sick every other week then you are in a better position for internal promoting.

Depending on what you are doing for your job you may find that you are willing to apply for a better job such as moving into a managerial position or you may apply for a new position in a new department.

Lateral Change

If you are a looking for a career change you may be able to find it by continuing working for the same company that you do now but making a lateral change to a new department. You may be working as a secretary for an insurance company but if you prove yourself then you may be able to move over to a new department and become an insurance sales agent.

Making a lateral change is often a much better alternative to applying for a position with a new company. The reason lateral changes are so successful is because you will often have many more opportunities. You know many of the people in the department where you want to work and you will know what training or educational requirements you need.

Many times a position may require a college degree but if you have worked for a company and are applying for a different position then exceptions to this rule can be made.

The reasons that companies are going to allow you to take a position without having the necessary college degree are because you have already proven yourself to the company as a loyal worker and you have shown that you are and will continue to be an asset to the company.

Self Motivation = Rocket Fuel

When you decide in your mind that “I Need a new job” you will be able to focus on what you need to do. Take a look at what you truly want to do and your background. By looking at things a little differently you will be able to decide if you want to look for a lateral change within your company or if you will need to apply for work with an entirely new company.

The key though is to not limit your options. You need to mentally be capable of attacking any new job search regardless of whether you want to stay with the company you already work for or get a job with a new company. When you say to yourself that I need a job then you need have already took the first step necessary to making positive changes in your life.

What better way to start that job path than making sure you’re using your strengths and weaknesses? Take this short quiz and get out there with the right path before you. I think you’ll appreciate the insights you gain from taking the test.

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