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Carl Jung was a great psychologist that contributed mounds of information to the developed world. His greatest contribution is his research on personality types. Unfortunately, for a long time there wasn’t a very detailed printable Jung personality test that’s widely available for you to better understand yourself.

There have been derivative works from his research and it can sometimes be hard to sift through what is really worth your time or not. Don’t get me wrong, I think there are a lot of excellent tests out there. Some are much more official and expensive than others, but they do exist and I can recommend a few.

I feel there is a pretty big hole in the Jung personality testing market and I hope this article will ring true with your findings, too. Now’s the time to learn more about yourself and I know the Jungian types are a great start to better understanding your personality type.

Finding a Good Printable Jung Personality Test is Hard

I’ve spent a good amount of time looking around the internet for the perfect printable Jung personality test and I’ve finally come to a conclusion on the matter. Most of them just don’t cut the mustard.

Sure, some of them will give you your Jungian type, but can you really tell whether or not that is an accurate answer? Chances are, the test had less than 40 questions, which is hardly enough to pinpoint your single type from a group of 16 personality types.

Now, I know having 300 questions would be pushing it, but there is a sweet spot around 70-80 questions in order to get good, reproducible, reliable results from a printable Jung personality test.

And I also want to point out that most tests will give you very lack-luster results. Some will only give you your Jung personality type and that’s it! No tips on what it actually means for you, no ideas on how to use the information in your life, and no real idea on what the next step is.

I enjoyed taking the tests, but I found this combination of less-than-thorough testing and results to be a bit frustrating.

Your Jung Personality Type is Safe Forever

Have you ever spent a good chunk of time working on one of these personality tests only to find the results didn’t display properly, or the page got closed before you could save it, or maybe you hit the print button and things just went crazy?

Those are just some of the reasons I am all about having an offline or printable Jung personality test ready to go. There’s nothing like having real paper and ink in your hands when it comes to something as important as finding out more about yourself.

And that’s another great point. You’ll have your answers and results printed and available for as long as you keep the paper. No crashed hard-drive is going to take this part of your personal development journey away from you.

Having a Printable Personality Test Helps You Grow

I’ve been in many a corporate office setting where teams were looking for great exercises or events to do with each other to better understand the way they work together. And if my memory isn’t running away from me, the same kind of thing was true for my school days.

Imagine a room full of your closest team members, students or classmates, friends, and even family working on the printable Jung personality test together. You all could go over the results and really see how each of you fit into the larger scheme of things.

Beginning to see how you fit in and work with others, and how they work with you, is a really important key to growing in your life, career, and success.

A New Kind of Printable Jung Personality Test

I finally came around and decided I would make something more useful, more robust, and more permanent. It’s my version of the printable Jung personality test and it’s called the Jungian 16 Types Personality Test.

I won’t bore you with the details of how I researched, designed, and validated my version of the test because I’ve done it on some other posts here at the blog. Check out those links if you’re interested.

Basically, it’s been tested over twelve thousand times, has 77 revealing questions, and complete detailed sections for each of the 16 Jungian personality types.

I can’t emphasize enough how much fun I’ve had with this test and the tens of thousands of people it has helped so far. It’s more fun and easy to use than others out there, too, from what people keep telling me. I love those emails and I thank you all for them.

If you’re interested in learning more about the printable Jung personality test, please check it out.

Click here to find out more about the printable Jung personality test.




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