How To Change Careers In A World Of Strong Competition

business-men-tugowar-career-richardstepEvery day we watch as the economy plummets a little more. Workers everywhere are faced with layoffs and terminations of employment on a regular basis.

Some people have been with the same company doing the same job for 20 or 30 years. Often and without notice, these hardworking dedicated employees are discarded due to company downsizing or bankruptcy.

Unaware of how to reenter the job market, these employees really need some tips on how to market themselves and often, how to change careers in a very competitive marketplace.

Let’s jump right into a few main tips to get you back on track in this crazy world of tough career competition. Ready?

Make a List of Your Strengths

So, where do you begin this employment journey? The first step requires some thought. You must make a detailed list of your strengths, which include job experience, education and work skills.

Just think about it, you enter an interview and the first request from your interviewer is “tell us about yourself”. Well, if you have not given this any thought, you might be stammering for answers.

This makes you look unprepared, not confident, and maybe even lacking skills. With so many qualified applicants in the workforce, a poor answer or lack of confidence will cause you to be passed over for another more prepared applicant for the position.

If you have already thoughtfully considered your strengths, this part of the interview will be a breeze.

Highlight any awards, recognition and certifications. Talk about what you learned in your past employment and how you used it to become a better employee. An employer likes to hear that you want to grow and be an asset for their company.

Create a Resume to WOW Potential Employers

With very tough competition, actually getting to the interview stage of an employment position might be difficult.

Because you are switching careers, you probably do not have the same experience as other applicants who have worked within this field before. Often, employers will have hundreds of applications to fill just a couple positions.

A great resume will help get you get a firm foot in the door.

First, make sure your resume is aesthetically appealing. You need one to catch an employer’s eye. Your resume also needs to show you are the right candidate for the job.

An employer is looking for an applicant that can meet their needs. It is important to read through the job description that the employer has written. You should tailor your objective and previous work history to reflect skills needed to get the job.

Also, everyone is not a resume writer. It is okay to admit this and ask for help. Use whatever means necessary to get yourself out there.

A grammatically correct resume that does not have spelling errors or lack clarity will definitely get priority over a poorly executed one.

icon-royfree-free_for_job-richardstepGet the Word Out

It is very important to be proactive about finding a job in a new career. As my grandfather says, “the squeaky wheel gets the most grease.” It is necessary to show the employer how bad you want this job.

Highlighting strengths such as ambition, dedication and dependability is key to landing a job in a new career. You might not have as much experience but if you show that you can be counted on for the long haul, you still might beat out the experienced applicant.

Now Just Get Out There!

Hopefully these tips have helped you learn how to change careers in a world of strong competition. At this time, many people are doing it and proving to be successful. And if you still haven’t found your strengths out, take the free test already, will ya? :)

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