Corporate Beggars or Geniuses? How to Prove You’re Pay Raise Worthy

You and I both know that you are reading this because you are that exceptional employee that deserves or has the ambition to achieve a raise in their salary.

Asking for a raise may be a difficult task for one of two reasons. Either you are anxious as to whether you really deserve a raise, or you aren’t sure if you have shown all of your best qualities on the job yet.

asking-for-job-pay-raise-man-begging-richardstepBelow are a few points of advice that should be taken if you are serious about living up to that raise or even receiving more than you’ve expected.

Summary & Organizing

Organizing is an important factor when it comes to performing your best at a job. If you can summarize what you do in a nutshell, you’ll have no problem jotting it down for a visual perception of what it is and how you can do it better.

For example, if a word processor spends most of their time correcting financial reports and printing out confirmations, they can brainstorm and come up with two ways to do each task more efficiently.

It may sound like a small venture, as it is only two assignments. But this heaps rewards in the future, because completing common tasks more efficiently will catch their supervisor’s attention. This creates a foundation for their confidence, leading up to the point where they are comfortable with asking for a raise.

So let us imagine that this word processor decided to do those confirmations more efficiently by placing a timer on their desk for added pressure and urgency. And those financial reports were handled one by one on a clean desk, rather than being rushed through in a mind boggling frenzy.

What a difference it makes when one is organized and inclined to brainstorm, right?

icon-royfree-report-analysis-richardstepLooks for Way to Improve the Business

Aside from organizing, another technique that can be used to strengthen one’s quality of work is looking for ways to improve the business.

Many employees are not aware of their value to the business they work for, and this is a problem. Every employee has their place in a company and their input can lead to that business seeing more profits.

If the business has a website or an issue that always arises in the midst of work flow, you can seek to find a solution to that problem. You can develop a presentation stating what the issue is and proposing what can be done to solve that issue.

This, along with a success story for evidence or even a test run, can encourage the company to hand you that raise with confidence that you deserve it.

Remember: Accuracy and Concentration

Accuracy and concentration is another factor that should be enhanced in the workplace. When you pay close attention to every detail in an instruction, you are more likely to impress your employer with accurate work.

This is important because it adds professionalism to the way you complete your tasks and demonstrates that you actually care for what you do.

When your employer sees that you are serious about your assignments, your level of maturity rises in their eyes. Maturity in a person breeds respect from others, and this is most apparent in the workforce.

So instead of worrying about being accurate, think about the details that go into your responsibilities, and the accuracy comes along with the concentration you have in those areas.

icon-royfree-taxi_passanger-ask-raise-richardstepAsking for a Raise Doesn’t Have to be Scary

Asking for a raise can be a hair raising thing, no pun intended. Or is that even considered a pun? It’s okay my friend, we’ll figure that one out.

But not until you implement those methods mentioned above into our work lives in order to ask for that well deserved raise you have been thinking about for the longest.

You are obviously someone who strives for self and professional improvement on a frequent basis. Consider seeing how your personal strengths and weaknesses affect your next try at asking for a raise.

That is a quality that is sought after by many employers. And you must show your employer that you possess that quality.

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