How to Make More Money with What You’ve Already Got

your-skills-make-more-money-richardstepIn these difficult economic times we are trying to find out how to scrounge around for more cash. But there are ways that you can accomplish this with things that you already have that you might not even know about.

I’d like you to come along with me here on a quick journey through a bunch of ideas that will help you earn a little extra fulfillment in your life. Whether or not that means money is up to how you define your success and how much effort you give it.

Let’s not waste any precious time and let’s just get straight to the point, shall we?

You Have Skills

Use them to your advantage.

If you have a specific skill like public speaking for example, start small and speak at Toastmasters events in your local area. Once you get enough experience, start selling your speaking services for a nominal fee.

Using a skill you already have, you have gainfully increased your income. You can use this with any service based thing you can think of.

Offer your services on a lower scale at first to build clients, then slowly increase your prices. Sooner than you know it, you will have started a part time business that could potentially turn into a full time career.

Sell Your Unused Junk!

This may seem like a given but if you want to get some quick cash, then sell your unwanted belongings at a flea market.

You can even sell on the largest online flea market which is eBay. Start your bids at a fair price and make sure you include shipping and handling costs.

You can come out on top by selling off items that you no longer want or need to have plus clear out some much needed room in your household.

icon-royfree-secure-payment-richardstepSpend Less Already

This may seem like a hard one but can get easier over time. By spending less, you are increasing your income because you will have more discretionary earnings.

Start looking at your expenditures to see where you can cut back.

Some things you can cut are:

  • Dining out (brown bag your lunch on the weekdays and create a plan for your meals during the weeknights. This will dramatically decrease your grocery and eating out bills)
  • Entertainment (buying DVDs, CDs books, audiobooks, etc.)
  • Monthly or annual subscriptions (book of the month clubs, Netflix, Hulu plus, magazines, newspapers, etc.)

Stick to Your Budget, NOW!

Most people can’t stand to stick to a budget but it’s necessary in order to reach your financial goals and especially when you’re trying to expand your current income.

You can create a free budget at

Get Thrifty

Go to thrift stores instead of a new shop. Say you have $50 to spare. You can either get 2 items at a new store or possibly 15 items at a thrift shop.

Thrift stores are given a bad image but there are actually thrift stores that have name brand clothing as well. Do a simple Google search for ‘name brand thrift stores’ in your area.

icon-royfree-piggybank-richardstepInvest in Yourself

Open a savings account and save at least 10% of your earnings each paycheck.

With compounded interest over time, you’ll end up making more money than you have. You can easily get a savings account free with where you bank at and earn a modest interest rate.

The interest rate is not the motive here but the actual savings part. Make it easy on yourself and have automatic withdrawals taken out of your account weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Grow Yourself Now, Expand Your Horizon

Invest some of your extra cash, today, in knowledge and skills that will multiple your efforts for tomorrow.

It wasn’t until I really dove in and learned my personality that I realized how I like to work and live life. And that was just about the time I figured out I’d need to use my strengths and blast my weaknesses to get stuff done.

Spent a little more on growing you now so you can grow exponentially later.

Get Rid of those Expensive Habits

You know those habits that you love so much to do. For example, smoking is not only bad for your health but it costs an arm and a leg for a weekly habit.

Instead of investing in cigarettes, use that money for the nicotine patch (it will be cheaper overall) and then use the remainder money to put into your savings account.

If you’re drinking a lot when you’re going out, curb your habits and stop spending money in bars. There are other free ways to socialize without breaking the bank.

Champion these Tips and Make More Money

Using these tips above, you will definitely find at least 1 tip that you can use right away to put more money in your pocket without compromising anything.

You can increase your discretionary income without the increase in salary.

And that’s something to be proud about.

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