435 Simple YouTube Video Ideas to Make More Movies (Free eBook)

Let’s face it.  We all started making some fun YouTube videos on our channel.  Ideas just kept flowing in left and right and making good, funny, entertaining, and shareable movies wasn’t that hard… we were propelled by passion and enthusiasm! We had no problem coming up with free youtube video ideas.

Until… BAAM – the video producer’s equivalent to “writer’s block”.  “What do I do now?”  “I need some good video ideas for my next YouTube movie!”  Such a horrible feeling… all of that pent up energy ready to be turned into the next creative piece for your channel.  Your subscribers are waiting for you to give them more!  What to do – what to do?!!! It might help to be better at getting them to your videos!

Video Ideas but No Video Camera?

A few people have brought up this point and dog gone-it I should address it.  It really boils down to roughly two main options:

  1. Take a bunch of still photos and put them together
  2. Record your computer screen while you do stuff

You can do #1 with Windows Move Maker, which is installed on just about all Windows PC’s and laptops. If you have a Mac, it should have iMovie installed, which will help you accomplish the same thing.

As far as #2, put all of what you’re planning on doing in something like a PowerPoint presentation (or heck, just Microsoft Word, the free OpenOffice Writer, or the free Paint.Net photo editor), and then use CamStudio (which is a free screen capturing program) to record the stuff happening on the screen.  You can then either just upload it as is or bring it into Windows Movie Maker and do some fancy stuff to it.

I’m sure you’ll come up with some even fancier ways to make movies if you’re still working on getting a video camera.

435 Simple YouTube Video Ideas & Movie Making TipsExplore these Free, Simple YouTube Video Ideas and Make some Movies!

I know you’re looking to get right down to making some movies and I can’t wait to help you. So here goes my brand-spankin’ new, FREE, PDF ebook to help you get move views, subscribers, and to have more fun doing it.

Yes, I did sell this ebook at one time. Yes, I believe it is worth a few bucks. Heck, YouTube brings me in roughly $840 per year, so what was a few bucks, right? Well, I changed my mind and want to give it away to you for free. I’d rather more people like yourself make YouTube better.

So get on up and download this free youtube video ideas book. There are pages of ideas, plenty of movie making tips, and a few surprises. Hope you like it.

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