101 Life Changing Experiences – FBI Agents, Space Shuttles, and Surviving Cancer

Experiences mold our lives and ingrain wonderful (and sometimes not so wonderful) memories deep within our minds.  Our lives are changed by the happenings that come our way and sometimes it’s good just to reminisce… sift through that old mental box of bright and shiny pearls… those moments we held dear… and those we chose to tuck away to save for Truth or Dare games. :D

And here is my 101 List of Life-Changing Experiences.  These are things that greatly changed the way I lived my life at the time they happened and have shaped me into who I am today.  I figured it was best to get my “101 Things that HAVE happened to me” out of the way before I throw together a “101 Things I WANT to happen”.  It was a fun exercise!

You might be asking, “But What’s In It For Me, Richard?!”  Well, I’m hoping it gets you to make your 101 List.  Do it already and share it, please!

Have fun on your journey through my weird life.  Oh and please let me know what you think, eh? :)

Here’s the (sped up!) video version – the text list is below it:

101 Life Changing Experiences:

  1. Survived cancer
  2. Found a wonderful girlfriend
  3. Got married to wonderful girlfriend
  4. Had a kid
  5. Had another kid
  6. Bought a car by myself
  7. Bought a house
  8. Went to a foreign country
  9. Walked in a volcano
  10. Played in the snow
  11. Started a blog
  12. Wrote an eBook
  13. Beat World of Warcraft
  14. Went 147 mph in a car
  15. Interviewed by FBI agents
  16. 101-things-richardstep-by-space-shuttle-atlantis "life changing", "change in life", "you can change your life", "words hope", "unique experiences", "life experiences", "your life experiences", "life s an experience", "experience life"

    They wouldn’t let me get on “The Pad”. *sniff, sniff*

    Visited a US Naval Base

  17. Saw an atomic clock (US Time Transfer office!)
  18. Sat inside of a Space Shuttle (Discovery)
  19. Had my picture taken in front of a Space Shuttle (Atlantis)
  20. Met an astronaut
  21. Met an Archbishop
  22. Met a Cardinal
  23. Saw (a piece of) the Cross Jesus Christ died on
  24. Saw a meteor shower
  25. Built a workbench
  26. Started and sustained a garden
  27. Taught a child to read
  28. Learned to speed-read (is it right for you?)
  29. Made a video for YouTube
  30. Drove around Lake Tahoe
  31. Walked around Central Park
  32. Went to the top of the Empire State Building
  33. Went to Disneyland
  34. Saw Big Bend
  35. Crossed the US / Mexico border
  36. Crossed the US / Canada border
  37. Went to the San Diego Zoo
  38. Get a Bachelor’s Degree (Electrical Engineering)
  39. Built a computer (or 800)
  40. Learned to drive a stick shift
  41. Rode a horse
  42. Rode a Jet Ski
  43. Survived a hurricane (or 5)
  44. Rescued someone in an accident
  45. Went on a cruise
  46. Drove a car in Mexico
  47. Drove a car in Aruba
  48. Grocery shopped in Aruba
  49. Wrote a song about BACON and sang it
  50. Ate wild edible plants
  51. Walked inside a sewer system
  52. Went inside a submarine
  53. Went inside a battleship
  54. Visited the NASA Mission Control Room
  55. Saved taxpayers almost $2,000,000 dollars
  56. Designed, supported, and maintained hardware used in Space Shuttles
  57. Put my name in space on a microchip
  58. Worked on Space Station hardware
  59. Went to New York during New Year’s Celebrations
  60. Witnessed a miracle (every Sunday!)
  61. Witnessed a solar eclipse
  62. Looked through an observatory telescope
  63. Walked amongst boiling mud
  64. Drove through mountains
  65. Walked a mile through snow, in shorts and tennis shoes
  66. Made an audiobook
  67. Made an infographic / data visualization
  68. Made and drank palm tree date coffee
  69. Shot a flower off its stem from 30 paces
  70. Broke 3 arms (lol) and a collar bone
  71. Ate worms
  72. Ate a pig blood & jalapeño dish
  73. Ate 28,000 mg of Vitamin C in a single day
  74. Read over 120 books in 1 year (and still counting!)
  75. Jumped a railroad track, Dukes of Hazard style
  76. Skied on an iced over highway in a 2 ton Ford Crown Vic LTD
  77. Jumped from hay bale to hay bale in a field
  78. Ran through a corn field
  79. Served for a local town government
  80. Judged in a BBQ competition
  81. Fell off a tree branch and ripped open me knee on the way down
  82. Listened to audiobooks at 2x speed
  83. Got 42 square inches of back skin removed
  84. Got stuck in quicksand
  85. Set my front yard on fire
  86. Demolitioned a house
  87. Shot out a sliding glass door with a BB gun
  88. Wrote a computer program for a company
  89. Made a webpage for a company
  90. Owned a CD player
  91. Owned a DVD player
  92. Owned a digital media player
  93. Owned an digital book reader
  94. Made (and drank) hard apple cider (thanks EatTheWeeds!)
  95. Shook the pursuer in a car chase (not cops, don’t worry)
  96. Went deep sea fishing
  97. Made a snowman & snow-angel
  98. Ate a dinner entirely made from stuff from the garden/yard
  99. Ate pure capsaicin hot sauce (oh… my… goodness… ouch)
  100. Made a mix-tape for a Junior High heart-throb (*sigh*)
  101. Made a 101 list :-)

*hands you a cookie for making it this far*

Share your Life Changing Experiences in the comments!

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