Help Me Find A Job That Will Keep Me Awake – I’m Going Crazy!

business-man-throwing-trash-find-job-richardstepI was sitting at my desk and wondering how long until lunch. I needed coffee in order to manage the next few hours or I would be asleep fast. It was a daily struggle. There was no excusing it. It was hard not to fall asleep on the job.

The endless reports could easily send me into a comma if I was not careful. I knew I needed to find someone who could help me find a job that would not double as a sleep-aid. I just needed to figure out who was up for the challenge.

Figuring Out the Problem

The first thing I had to do was decide what the problem actually was. I found that there were two. First, the tasks were always the same and repetitive. There was no variety. Then, for an added bonus, I admitted to myself that I was held hostage at my cubicle. It could no longer be ignored.

I had to stay logged in or risk upper management going on a hunt for me. It was as if I was in the witness protection program. After all, someone there had to appear that they knew how to keep chairs warm. I am sure it was always addressed in the management reviews.

Looking at Value and Quality

I knew that I was valuable, but was I able to produce quality? The answer was yes, however, pointless. I was over-qualified for my position. I also knew that I was over-qualified for my manager’s position.

I never wanted to gain a top level job as a baby-sitter. I just could not justify it. Though being able to chase people who were not seated at their desks was a tempting thought, on days when we ran out of coffee and we were only left with decaf, I would need music to make that fun.

Concluding Strengths and Weakness

It was clear to see. I needed to move on to a position that would afford me both challenges and freedom. I needed to drive my job search toward positions where I could exchange information for money. However, I also needed to be in an atmosphere that lent to team building discussions and goal setting. The richness of that would give me the movement I needed, without feeling stagnant even if I was seated.

icon-royfree-portfolio-richardstepMaking the Offer to the Recruiting Department

I remember the day. There was an opening at my company for a marketing representative. The job only required a few college courses, and I had that behind my belt. I just had to act as if I was not zoning out at my current job. That was huge for me. If the recruiter knew she was talking to a zombie from the sixth floor, it may not have gone well. I kept my self-marketing and talking points targeted toward the business’ campaign objectives.

I stated my case explaining that I was ready and able to take on bigger challenges. I explained my determination to stay focused no matter what the goal was. The recruiting department always loves to hear people talking about staying focused. I used it for my gain.

The Final Decision

It was hard to sit and wait out the decision from the recruiting office, but I did it. I felt I should start with trying to move up where I was, before I headed to the competition. However, I would not wait more than a week. I had seniority where I was, and I thought it would strengthen my chances. Time was ticking. The call came in, and the position was mine.

Putting it all Together

I could have sat there each day with the security of knowing that the job would not likely change. However, that meant that my situation would not change either. I developed the map to success. I stopped telling the world to “help me find a job.” I started deconstructing what was holding me back.

Here are your action steps to a brighter future:

  1. Take the Self Motivation Quiz
  2. Take the Bird Personality Test
  3. Take the Jung Personality Test
  4. Take the Strengths and Weaknesses Test
  5. Use your results to do whatever you do times 2

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