Stop Farting Around! Drop The Remote, Spread Your Toes, Get S*** Done

It is so important to prioritize your tasks in order to achieve your goals. Sure, it’s fine to build in some down time for leisure or to give attention to a partner or someone else close to you who needs it. But you cannot allow yourself to be completely sidetracked by time wasting or by answering the calls for help and attention who could better find it elsewhere. Eyes on the prize is a key phrase when trying to accomplish an important goal.

The most important thing about completing goals is progress. Progress is the driving force behind life, and when it stops or grows stagnant, people become depressed or lethargic. Setting and completing important personal and career goals will give life a sense of progress and forward momentum that will keep things interesting and happy.

It’s time to get down to the raw, honest, and real-deal nitty-gritty on this topic. I got with quite a few passionate people interested in sharing their ideas with you and this article is an interview-style approach to helping you regain control of your time.

Topic at Hand: Getting Important Tasks/Goals Done

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[‘R’ is me (Richard N. Stephenson) and ‘I’ in the interviewee]

R: Why would anyone really want to pay attention to this subject?

I: By getting tasks/goals done, you learn how to effectively manage your time. Time management is key in being successful, both in your professional and personal life. Take for example if you have to work, go to school, to homework, plan dinner, and meet your friends.

It is often times very difficult to do all of these without a set schedule. Thus learning how to prioritize ones tasks and goals can make time management much easier and more efficient.

R: Assume the change from this subject is super-important, how could it help someone change their life?

I: Learning to get tasks done efficiently will make you a happier person. You’ll be able to sleep easily knowing that you have achieved your goals. Having important tasks weighing on you is no way to go through life.

R: I think everyone wants to be a better person – can you tell us how this topic relates?

I: Once you learn how to get things done, you’ll feel much more efficient. You might find that you have time for hobbies that you never had before. Furthermore, you’ll have a sense of satisfaction.

R: Describe the perfect person that is a shining example of this topic, in your opinion.

I: This is a trait you will find amongst all successful people. You simply cannot become successful in life without knowing how to do this short of just winning the lottery. Even the smartest person in the world probably can’t make much money or go far in life without putting the work in.

R: Provide us with an example of what kind of person is better of never talking about this subject ever again.

I: A lazy person will often fail to see tasks through, but there are other factors at play here. Apathy is another, given they cannot be bothered to care about something, no matter how important, if they already see it from an apathetic standpoint. There are also those who, even if they care, find it very difficult to self-motivate in life. These are probably among the most important factors.

R: Give us an example of what you do to make this topic a part of your daily duties.

I: Someone who wants to consistently learn to complete goals or tasks should start small. They should decide a task like, learn to use a yo-yo, obtain a yo-yo, and in one sitting, learn to use the yo-yo. Then they should make a more complex goal that builds on this one, like learn to do a yo-yo trick.

That way the difficulty and complexity of goals increases and the person receives some sort of gratification for being able to complete the goal. They can then transfer this idea to their normal life, that they will receive gratification if they complete their goals.

R: When is a pretty good time to start paying more attention to this topic?

I: In the very beginning of someone’s life. It should be instilled in a person that completing things should give you a sense of personal accomplishment and maybe even compensation, such as friends or money. The earlier this life lesson is taught, the better it will carry throughout a person’s life and the more accustomed they will be to getting things done

R: When do you think folks should absolutely NOT work on this topic?

I: From personal experience, when you are at a low point in your life. You wouldn’t want people asking about your goals and current task to be done. At this low point you are beyond stressed out, and having to be asked the question you don’t have the answer to will add more pressure to you.

R: If you can to name a place where this topic works really well, where would that be?

I: To get goals done you need to formulate a plan. Simple stating I want to lose 10 lbs is not a goal in itself. Stating I will run and eat right is a goal. Losing 10 lbs is more of an objective. Goals need to have a plan. Goals should be written down to make sure you take them seriously.

R: Where is a really bad place to start working on this topic?

I: Don’t use this topic in a party, drug, or drinking setting. Even if you do manage to motivate people, the work will be rife with mistakes. Worse yet, someone may get hurt.

R: Do you know of any people, organizations, or groups that could benefit from learning more about this topic?

I: Organization is key to completing goals. Even in the online projects world being organized is one of the most important aspects for success. So, a scatter brained, unorganized person would benefit greatly from this topic.

R: Can you give us any hints or tips for working this topic into our lives?

I: Explain to them that some things need to be completed in a timely fashion. Once these tasks are done a lot of weight will come off their shoulders. When someone says something is important, it’s very necessary to focus on that task first.

R: What is the absolutely most dangerous and bad thing someone should stay away from related to this topic?

I: Getting them out of the way provides stress relief. Knowing that you have nothing to do is extremely relaxing. Do them first then have fun the rest of the day.

R: What would you recommend folks do today to work on this topic at hand?

I: Improve yourself by doing what is most important first. It makes sense because it will have the biggest impact on your life. For example, pay your utility bills before buying a video game. Have priorities and stick to them to become a more disciplined person.


Come on now! Aren’t you fired up and ready to get more done in life? There’s at least one golden pearl of wisdom (or is that nugget of pearl?) to take away. See how you can apply it to your life today and start getting more stuff done. There’s just ain’t enough time to dilly-dally, folks!

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