Is The Fear of Success Sabotaging Your Every Move?

This topic means being able to succeed at your endeavors without doubts in your own abilities holding you back or bringing you down. it means allowing yourself to be ‘ok’ with being a success. it means succeeding with no feelings of guilt or remorse.

Many people are afraid to succeed. If they succeed, they will have farther to fall if they fail, and many people will be watching them to wait for them to fail. For people that are afraid to succeed, it is very important to beat this fear, as it will impact their ability to move up the ladder and gain prestige in their field.

It’s time to get down to the raw, honest, and real-deal nitty-gritty on this topic. I got with quite a few passionate people interested in sharing their ideas with you and this article is an interview-style approach to helping you regain control of your time.

Topic at Hand: Beating The Fear Of Success

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[‘R’ is me (Richard N. Stephenson) and ‘I’ in the interviewee]

R: What do you think is the most important thing about this topic?

I: Once you stop being afraid of success, you can do almost anything. Our own fear of being happy slows us down so much. Overall, beating the fear of success is likely to make you a more well-rounded person.

R: I’m wondering, what do you think about this subject is so important now-a-days?

I: This will reveal to the person that success is a great thing. This will create a stronger drive in the person allowing them to achieve and succeed more. This added achievement and success will snowball into a life of constantly fulfilling achievements and will hopefully lead to a very successful life and successful person.

R: Could this topic help regular people like me and you be better at what we do?

I: Being able to confront your fears helps you grow as a person. Being able to overcome fears can make you go further in life, and help you grow as a person. Beating fears first starts with a plan of action, and then you can overcome your fears as you get better at it.

R: Who do you think is best when it comes to this topic?

I: An extremely driven person is good at understanding the need to beat the fear of success. Business leaders and politicians are groups that have shown they understand how to do this. They can visualize themselves succeeding, and because of this, beat their fears and reach the success they intended. These groups understand what it takes to succeed and do not let personal fears stand in their way.

R: Tell me who in your personal experience is not up-to-speed on this subject at all.

I: Sometimes we feel that we’re not worthy of success or that our being successful makes us look arrogant or takes something away from someone else. Realize that it doesn’t. Do your best and be proud of your accomplishments. You can use that success to help others, even if just by being a role model that will allow others to try to succeed in what they do.

R: How do you bring this topic into your life?

I: Set a goal for yourself and achieve it. Start with something small like eating fruit with every meal for one day. When the day is over you will realize you just achieved success. You will understand that it is nothing to be feared. Start small and work bigger in order to become accustomed to it.

R: How would you describe the best time to make this topic part of your life?

I: I know many people who would say that they are not successful; at least they have not reached success in the areas that feel important to them. I have been one of those people. One day I asked myself “What keeps me from being successful?”

It took me a while to come up with the answer but I realized that I was holding myself back. Why? Well, maybe I was afraid that when I started something I would fail. Maybe I was afraid that I was not “one of those people” who get everything they go after. Maybe I felt that I didn’t deserve success in life.

R: When’s just a really bad time to be working on this subject?

I: With success comes change, and it’s completely natural to fear change. However, note that not all change is bad. Change can better you as a person. It can change you into the person you’ve always wanted to be. And when that change is a success, it is even better; even sweeter. Learn to encourage change by trying new things; new foods and places to visit. By accepting it, you lose that fear.

R: Where can regular people like you and me plan to bring this into our daily routine?

I: If you fear success, it is best to surround yourself with other successful people. You’ll see that they aren’t always perfect and make mistakes. This will let you try hard to achieve your dreams and know that it okay to fail sometimes.

R: This subject is not fit for use in every situation. Where should folks not use it?

I: It could be dangerous to try to beat the fear of success in a high-risk environment. For example, if one tried to “beat the fear of success” in gambling, they might spend a fortune on lottery tickets, thinking that they’re going to succeed. This could lead to a person ending up poor and homeless from trying to beat the fear of success.

R: Who’s someone that could gain quite a bit from looking further into this topic?

I: The group that would most benefit from a greater understanding of the fear of success would be college students. Many students choose simple jobs that promise mediocre salaries and benefits in exchange for the comfort these jobs offer. By better understanding the fear of success these students may be more likely to take more chances and be more likely to succeed.

R: What would you tell the readers to do if they wanted to get help with this topic soon?

I: Fear is good and many of us thrive on it. It is important for us to walk through fear and force ourselves to embrace success even if it is something that is foreign to us. Sometimes we can use fear by transferring it into excitement.

R: What would you say is something we should avoid at all costs when it comes to this topic?

I: Some people are afraid of succeeding because they don’t know what it feels like. The higher you rise, the harder you fall. This is sad because it stops people from reaching their dreams.

R: What would you recommend folks do today to work on this topic at hand?

I: Someone would need to learn background information on exactly what “fear of success” would be. Additionally, this phenomenon may manifest itself differently from one person to another; for instance, a fear of success in a particular situation may mean apprehension regarding the collateral results of that success. For others, it might mean a fear of a change in status; it really depends on the individual situation.


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